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Sr. Candice Ramsay

Founder, Veterinary Nurse, Vet Physiotherapist

While working in the Veterinary field I found myself very interested in the post operative care of critical patients. I found that I had a special interest in Animal Rehabilitation. Animal Rehabilitation became an absolute passion for me. I saw how it made a significant difference to the quality of life to all the patients I treated. It is a technique used to support surgery and medical care for animals.

I feel that it builds the relationship between pet and owner by bringing awareness to the owner of their pets needs. It brings me such happiness to see my patients return to function.

My Goal is to provide support to my patients and make a difference to their quality of life.


Sr. Caroline Power


Having qualified from Onderstepoort in 2003, I went straight into working for Specialist Surgeons as I found my passion in assisting in surgery. In 2005 I went to The University of Tennessee to study my CCRP. This enabled me to improve on patient care post-operatively as well as care for non-surgical patients.

I have had a long-standing career of continuing with assisting in surgeries as well as working in rehabilitation. I believe that nursing and caring for animals is a calling. After nearly 20 years in the field, I am proud to be a part of the Ramsay Rehab team.




Jade obtained her qualification as a veterinary nurse in 2013. Her passion for animals was cultivated when she worked in a specialist veterinary practice for 8 years. However, looking for new challenges, Jade decided to change her career path and subsequently entered the corporate world.

After 4 months in the office, Jade realised just how much she missed taking care of her patients. Still wanting to devote her time to helping animals, she accepted an opportunity by Ramsay Rehab. This was an opportunity to use the knowledge she has acquired over the years to help patients with their recovery, and an opportunity to learn and grow more in the vital practice of animal care.

One of Jade’s favourite things to do in life is spending time with her patients by helping them heal and recover, and of course, giving them lots of cuddles!



Veterinary Physiotherapist

I have always found comfort in the company of animals, having grown up with, what felt like, a zoo in my own at home. It was always a given that I would end up working with animals, and finding veterinary physiotherapy has been the most rewarding way to do so. I graduated with a 4 year qualification from Equine-librium College in 2021, and joined the Ramsay Rehab team at the start of 2022. In them, I have found a family who have the same passions and goals. I have a special interest in post-operative rehabilitation and neurological cases.


Stellar Mncube

Sanitation and Maintenance

Growing up, I was always surrounded by cats, dogs, cows and sheep. I grew to care for them, to love them and to appreciate their kindness. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy working at Ramsay Rehab. Seeing the amazing work the team does on not only restoring faith in the owners of our patients, but the second chance in life they give to these beautiful animals is incredible.
It truly makes me happy when I see and experience the happiness of someone else. I am quiet, kind-hearted and a happy person that never fails to share a smile. My belief and faith in Christ is what drives me each and every day and I am truly blessed for an amazing son, who is my life.
Being part of a family means the world to me and that is why I am so happy to not only be a part of Ramsay Rehab, but to be part of a caring and loving family. We support and stand by each other and we enjoy working as a team! I am truly thankful and blessed to be part of Ramsay Rehab.


Yola Geldenhuys


The love I have for animals runs deep in my veins. With my 3 rescues, I have learned that you do not need to have a pet from a puppy or kitten for them to grow to love you. All 3 of my babies were rescued when they were fully grown and I realised that at no matter what age they are, if they learn to trust you, they will love you unconditionally and that is an amazing gift. My greatest joy in life is seeing an animal truly happy and deeply loved. The sweetest thing I find in life is when a human goes out of their way to help an animal in need and it is for this reason why I am so lucky and truly grateful to be working as part of such an amazing team at Ramsay Rehab. I have witnessed so many miracles coming and going and the bond that these animals develop with their therapist is truly astounding. There are no words to describe the true joy it brings when you see a pet being able to fully function again. I am the “behind the scenes and go-to person”, but as a team, we make a big difference in the lives of those that love us unconditionally.

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